About Investor AD

Investor AD is a public liability company registered under company file 5718/14.04.1994 by the Sofia City Court in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Our activity is concentrated at expert valuation and consulting services for the purposes of individuals and companies in the real sector. Since 1999 the company is an appraiser licensed by the Privatization Agency of real estate, machinery and equipment and whole enterprises. After the entry into force of Law for Independent Appraisers the company and its valuators became members of the Chamber of Independent Appraisers and operate through certificates for:

  • real estates
  • whole enterprises
  • machinery and equipment
  • intellectual property

During the past 25 years over 300 private companies, banks and government agencies became regular customers of the company. Investor PLC works with permanent, individually certified personnel, and uses external staff recruited on a basis of long term contracts when it is necessary. The established team of experts has all the necessary general and specialized qualifications for the valuation and investment business.

Our Mission

Our primary corporate goal is the high degree of satisfaction of our customers. The prerequisites for achieving this goal are the professionalism of our experts, the extensive experience, the guaranteed confidentiality as well as the impartiality of the use of the information provided to us.