The appraisers of Investor AD have individual certificates for appraisal in different areas issued by the competent institutions. Our team consists of professionals with rich and varied experience that thoroughly know the theory, the methodology and the valuation approaches in European and the international valuation standards.
The expert valuations prepared by Investor AD can be used for:

  • in-kind contributions in the capital of an enterprise
  • valuation of assets for purposes of accounting, including assessments under International Financial Reporting Standards and the International Accounting Standards
  • mortgage loan applications
  • sale of real estate in order to determine the real estate value
  • property rental to determine rental value
  • insurance of property or assessment of damage on the already insured property
  • lawsuits, as a statement developed by an expert
  • construction of buildings and preparation of area distribution tables (pricing) and bills of quantities
  • investment decisions for the purchase of shares of companies
  • other cases in which you want to know what is the value of a property which you own or you want to buy.